Wella Color Fresh | Enhance your hair colour at home

Wella Color Fresh | Enhance your hair colour at home

We never thought we’d say this, but… we’d like to introduce you to a semi-permanent hair colour that’ll see you through until we your next appointment.



First up, it’s important to understand that Wella’s Color Fresh is a professional colour product and known for its use in salons too. So you can rest assured that it is 100% stylist recommended. The difference between an off-the-shelf box dye and a professional salon hair colour lies in its makeup. Our colour experts explained that Wella’s Color Fresh contains specially designed colour enhancing qualities. The acidic pH formula in Color Fresh is ammonia-free and holds a conditioning vitamin complex. So not only will it help enhance your colour, but it’ll also add a natural looking shine to your chosen shade.

Box dyes differ in that their ‘one-size-fits-all’ formula results in a single tone colour. This can make hair colour look flat and dare we say it… dull.  If you’d like to know more about the science behind salon professional colour vs. box dyes, read our article: ‘Let us prove there’s no colour like a salon colour’.

Color Fresh also has tonal characteristics that are akin to the hair colour we use in salon. So if you’re a Regis salon guest, you don’t need to worry about hair tone compatibility with Color Fresh.


Although we would usually recommend a trained professional to use Color Fresh, we understand that in these current times, this isn’t possible. We also know the perils of box dyes and the temptation to ignore stylist advice when your roots and greys are just screaming at you. That’s why we much rather provide you with the tools and guidance to help you extend the life of hair colour whilst you #stayathome. With video conference calls at an all-time high, there probably aren’t that many hats you can get away with wearing indoors to cover those pesky roots anyway.

You’re probably wondering if Color Fresh is safe to use at home if it’s a professional product. The answer? Yes – if you closely follow the instructions. That’s because it is a semi-permanent colour. Referred to by our stylists as the perfect ‘colour enhancer’, it does not contain any peroxide. Hence there is no mixing required with a developing agent or activator. And rather importantly, it doesn’t modify the hair structure or permanently change your hair colour.


Color Fresh works to blend greys by upto 30%. Remember, it is a semi-permanent colour – which means it doesn’t provide ‘full coverage’ as you’re used to in salon. But to be honest, in most instances this will be more than enough to see you through until we reopen our salons. Not forgetting that you can always buy more if you run out…


Put simply… No. If you’re used to highlights, balayages, ombres or all over bleach blondes – there is no way you’ll be able to achieve the same level of colour at home. That’s because Color Fresh contains no peroxide, (which is why it’s safe to use at home) – so it won’t lighten hair. But steady on, that’s not to say we’re bidding farewell to brunettes either. The same salon expertise is required for all hair colours.

Clever colour placement and the careful creation of (permanent) colour is most likely what you have grown accustom to as a salon guest. All of which you won’t be able to achieve with a box dye at home or even with Wella’s Color Fresh. So if you’re looking for a long-lasting colour, that looks professional and insta-worthy… your trips to the salon aren’t over just yet.

Another (fairly obvious) reason why it won’t replace trips to the salon is because in order to achieve more complex colours you need a trained expert to create a bespoke formula for your hair. Tailor-made formulas mean stylists have to take all sorts of things into consideration. Such as your hair type, condition, density and porosity of hair fibres – all of which help decide your hair’s ability to render colour. So unless you have years of hairdressing and chemistry knowledge under your belt, we recommend leaving this to the experts. Besides, have you ever tried to apply highlights yourself? It’s a no-go in our opinion.



The idea of dying your own hair for the first time can be scary, fact. And we want you under no illusion that it’ll be as straight forward as box dye enthusiasts profess it to be. However, we hope the fact that Color Fresh washes out in 10 shampoos puts your mind at ease. So if you do accidently pick a colour that doesn’t quite enhance your existing shade as well as you had hoped – it won’t leave you with lasting damage like a box dye. Just remember to conduct a patch test 48 hours prior to applying colour (same rules apply at home as they do in salon).

Dying your hair is no easy task, which is why we wrote this guide to help you decide if Color Fresh is right for you. Thankfully, if you do choose Color Fresh, the development time ranges from only 5 – 20 minutes, so you could even apply it during your #WFH lunch break!

Our advice? Follow the guidelines on the product and you’ll be well on your way to masking your roots and enhancing your existing colour. Whilst you (eagerly) await the reopening of our salons, of course.


Although our online shop will include a few more shades than listed below, we thought it would be helpful to spotlight some favourites.

Silver Violet

For light blondes

Pearl Cendre

For extremely light blonde or platinum hair

Light Pearl Ash Blonde

For silvery grey and extremely light ash blondes

Light Blonde

For a warm blend on cool white tones

Natural Medium Blonde

For natural blondes with a warm undertone


Medium Brunette Red Blonde

For rich chestnuts and auburn

Dark blonde

For dark blondes with a cool undertone


Dark Red Mahogany Blonde

For all vibrant red heads



Please. Don’t. Use. Box Dyes. We plead with you! Here’s another gentle plug for our article that talks all about why salon colour is superior. When deciding what to offer our salon guests for an at home hair colour solution – we knew that retaining salon-quality was a must. Choosing Color Fresh for our salon guests at home was a no brainer. It’s safe to use, washes out in 10 shampoos and is compatible with Wella hair colour that may already exist in the hair. That’s why our stylists refer to Wella’s Color Fresh as a Semi-Permanent Professional Hair Colour, rather than a box dye – the difference between the two as we have detailed, is vast.

If, however, you’re looking to simply brighten up your blonde, or eliminate a little brassiness – you may decide that Wella Color Fresh is not for you.

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