Relieve the stresses of everyday life .


    Get that sun-kissed glow all year long!


    Leave your skin feeling brand new.


    Try the natural approach to healing.


We have massage therapists, based in selected Regis beauty salons, who use their knowledge of the human body to promote relaxation of both muscle and mind. Our treatments can help you to relieve stress, improve muscle tone and alleviate strains. We also offer sports massages to improve mobility and performance.


We have a selection of tanning systems in numerous salons, which offer a natural looking, sun-kissed glow throughout the year. Our spray tan is fast, effective and completely automated, whilst our hands-on tanning system involves the manual application of tanning creams, to give a natural looking streak-free tan. We also have state-of-the-art tanning booths, which reproduce the effect of the suns UV rays for a real-looking tan.


A number of our beauty salons offer rejuvenating cosmetic treatments, including a hands-on body scrub treatment, for full body exfoliation and fresh looking skin. This creates a smooth, clean surface that is perfect for the application of our tanning treatments. We also offer a contour wrap treatment, where bandages are wrapped snuggly around the body to tighten up the skin.


Some of our salons offer alternative holistic treatments to aid relaxation and promote health. Our hot stone massage conducts heat into key parts of the body, allowing the therapist to apply deeper pressure into the muscles, whilst the warmth of the stones improves circulation and calms the nervous system. We also offer Indian head massage; an ancient massage technique that promotes relaxation and emotional wellbeing. Our reflexology treatment promotes wellbeing of the entire body, by pinpointing key reflective areas and pressure points on the soles of your feet.

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