Perfect for creating soft, sun-kissed hair that is natural looking, wearable and versatile.
Great for covering up greys around your hairline without having to apply a full head colour.
The multi-tonal look of contrasting shades and dimension make this the ultimate salon-professional look.
Great option for commitment and maintenance phobes.


A popular freehand technique that is painted on the surface of the hair to create a seamless blend that beautifully frames the face. This multi-tonal effect gives the ultimate sun-kissed look on natural or pre-coloured hair with no obvious regrowth. The bespoke nature of a balayage allows your colourist to cleverly influence the hair’s colour composition meaning there can be a number of beautiful balayage variations.

Although different colour techniques are used, the definition of balayages and ombres often get mixed up, and as they can look quite similar, it’s easy to see why. A lot of guests ask us to explain the difference between a balayage and an ombre, so we put a handy little guide together to help explain the difference.

Our love for balayage hair is all too real and the hand-painted highlights will make you rethink everything you thought you knew about hair colour. Although the balayage has been around for a while, this timeless technique is making its way back into being one of the most popular hair colour requests in our salons today.

Balayage allows for a sun-kissed natural looking hair colour, that allows for a softer, less noticeable re-growth. The main idea being less is more when creating a natural, multi-tonal finish. The technique uses patches of light and shade to create multiple dimensions to the colour, that result in a gorgeous, salon-quality finish. It’s a great method if you want to refresh your colour but don’t want to go for a bold colour overhaul.

The depth of balayage can vary so much from a handful of babylights around your hairline to a full on, double process all-over transformation that can take a few hours from start to finish. Though this process takes longer to do in most instances, due to the free-hand technique used to create precision perfect colour placement, the results are simply beautiful – and worth the wait in our opinion. You’ll be left with a multi-tonal balayage where, compared to regular colour the benefit of this colouring technique means you will be able to leave it longer before you need to pop back into the salon for a touch up.

Commitment: Low – 2-3 months

Service time: Approximately 1.5 hours*

Cost: See colour menu price list in salon

*service time can vary depending on training level of stylist, plus allow additional time for styling