This technique is perfect for when you want to make a strong, bold statement.

To achieve the perfect platinum blonde hair needs to be evenly lifted to a pale/very pale yellow colour from roots to ends. Your stylist will be able to create even, ice blonde finishes or a clean canvas perfect for pastels and opal shades.

Bleach Blonde is a hair lightening colour journey and repeat appointments are advisable in order to reach your desired shade. Salon quality and professional looking bleach blonde shades take time and expertise, so it’s important to listen to the advice of your stylist so that you fully understand what is achievable.

We believe that hair lightening isn’t just about the colour, it’s a way of life. Namely because of the professional up-keep and at home hair care that is required in order to retain colour vibrancy and prevent colour fade for as long as possible.


It’s vibrant, vivacious and lively. If you’re looking to make a bold statement, the bleach blonde shade is sure to turn heads with its icy, Nordic blonde finish.
A bright, uplifting colour can act as a confidence and energy booster. No colour achieves the shock to the system quite as much as the bleach blonde.
Thanks to stylist expertise, bleach blonde doesn’t mean weaker or damaged hair. We’re trained to optimise your blonde without compromising on the quality and strength of your hair, in fact, we always make sure that we reinforce this with a special colour bonding
Great for creating the perfect canvas for seasonal pastel and opal shades.
It’s a sure-fire way to inject some fun into your life. However, other colours are available, and bleaching your hair isn’t the answer to all of life’s woes, obviously.

Commitment: High – 4-6 weeks

Service time: Approximately 45 minutes*

Cost: See colour menu price list in salon

*service time can vary depending on training level of stylist, plus allow additional time for styling