Has winter taken a toll on your hair? Split ends, frizz, static, dryness... but how do you combat these issues? The key is giving your hair the same attention you give your skin.

You no doubt have a skincare regime, but do you have a hair care regime? Keeping your hair nourished with the right products and routine will have a range of benefits. From reducing frizz for a healthier look and feel, all the way to preventing more serious matters such as breakage and hair loss.

We asked our Creative Director, Kieron Fowles, to share his top tips on treating dry hair so keep reading to find out how you can keep your locks healthy this winter!  



Kieron says to “Remember that hair is an extension to your skin so you should be giving it the same care! Like you’d take extra care in the winter by applying more moisturiser to your skin, you should also apply products to your hair which will provide hydration and restore lost moisture caused by the colder weather.” 

Keep on top of cleansing and conditioning your hair and in between washes, make sure you’re using hair masks and oils to help repair and ensure your hair is getting the protein it needs. 

But make sure you’re not washing your hair every day! Washing daily can deprive hair of its natural oils. Use products such as dry shampoo to refresh hair or get away with a slicked back style using oils to keep hair nourished.  

When hair becomes brittle and dry, it can result in breakage and hair fall which is why it is crucial to be using the right products for your hair. With its range of shampoos, treatments, and serums, Kérastase Genesis has something for all your hydration and strengthening needs. It will provide nourishment to the scalp and will help to strengthen the hair structure and hair shaft, which will prevent hair shedding as easily.



The same principle you would apply to your night skin care routine, you should apply to your hair. You may apply an overnight moisturiser to your face after a full day wearing make-up, which is exactly what you should consider for your hair – especially if you’re not washing it often!

A build-up of elements – heat, pollutions, etc – can sit on the hair and damage it therefore at least one night a week, give yourself a pamper night where you provide extra TLC to your locks with an overnight mask. 

Night masks will be your best friends for in between washes. Kieron advises that “applying a mask before bed will allow your hair to absorb the moisture and soak in the ingredients it needs to repair and revitalise overnight. Not only will you be providing the nutrients your hair needs, but you will also wake up with silky soft hair that looks renewed and smells amazing!”

Visit your local salon and our expert stylists can recommend the best hair masks for your hair type.



Did you know that getting regular trims can also help combat dry hair?

Kieron told us that “split ends can not only be difficult to style, but they can also contribute to dryness and tangling which can lead to breakage. Having regular haircuts will promote healthy hair growth, allowing it to look and feels it’s very best.” 

When it comes to styling you should also be mindful of how often you’re using heated tools. Make sure you’re not using them every day to prevent drying out your hair. Create styles which don’t require any heat and if you are using tools, make sure to utilise heat protection spray and oils to keep hair sleek and hydrated.


Remember your hair care journey never ends no matter what time of the year it is! Should you need any further advice on your hair needs, our expert stylists are on hand to help.

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