The answer to all your haircare needs - Let us introduce you to pump haircare!

The answer to all your haircare needs - Let us introduce you to pump haircare!

You’re going to love what we have to share… Introducing our latest and most exclusive collection of products, all the way from the land down under! Now, before we reveal all, what if we told you there is a haircare range that’s suitable for a variety of hair types, that helps with hair problems like hair loss and thinning hair AND is completely vegan and environmentally friendly? We know, we wouldn’t have believed it either! But we found PUMP Haircare and now we do! The PUMP range is here and is now available exclusively at Regis*.


PUMP Haircare is an eco-friendly haircare range that has (to put it mildly) taken the Australian hair & beauty world by storm. A hairdresser turned entrepreneur; Natasha Jay founded the brand after months of suffering from hair loss. The story behind the collection is just one of the reasons why we love it so much, who doesn't love a professional product with a purpose? And the fact that the range was created by a professional hairdresser means there’s a technical understanding to what makes this haircare so great.

The collection includes products for thickening, growth, curly and blonde hair, which we’ll go into more detail shortly. But what makes every product from each range so great is the ingredients. All of the products feature gorgeous, unique blends of botanicals, including jojaba and kiwi seed oil, to help combat dry, damaged hair and leave it feeling moisturised and shiny. They also smell amazing - bonus! Despite the salon quality results (in no time at all), the ingredients are ALL completely natural with no harsh chemicals in sight. The packaging is sustainable, bio-degradable, recyclable and carbon neutral, with sugar cane used as the raw material for the shampoo and conditioner tubes. So you can feel reassured that you’re doing your bit for the environment whilst also pampering yourself! So let’s learn a bit more about each range…



If you were blessed with curly hair then look no further, this is the product you NEED to try. We know many of you will have felt like your curly hair was more of curse - trying to brush and straighten out those rogue curls or tame that frizz can make you feel you’d rather not embrace the curls at all. Well, we urge you to try ‘Curly Girl’. Ingredients include coconut and argan oils which help to prevent breakages, lock-in moisture and smooth frizz. Not forgetting rice proteins which detangle the hair but also help to give you that voluminous look we all want and love!




We’ve all done it… gone for the drastic chop, then two weeks later started researching hair extensions or a miracle growth cure to try and restore our length! But PUMP Haircare’s Hair Growth range will save you having to reach for those extensions. Even if you’re somebody whose hair grows to a certain length then grows no further (so annoying, right?) this range will help you add inches to your ends in just a matter of weeks. The range includes an everyday shampoo, conditioner and growth mask, as well as an oil and remedy spray. All are made with a unique BioGro formula, only available from PUMP Haircare. Ingredients include white birch leaf, which is rich in vitamin C to help strengthens hair follicles and boost hair growth.



For those struggling with hair thinning, we understand how much this can impact your confidence and that’s why we want to help! The PUMP Haircare thickening products are truly packed with ingredients that not only prevent hair loss but also encourage new hair growth. A few key ingredients include saw palmetto which is rich in fatty acids and Gotu kola which stimulates hair growth by promoting blood circulation to the scalp. We love all the products, but the ‘Thickening spray’ – WOW! The results were instant.



As you may have already guessed, blondes this one's for you! Simply say goodbye to brassy tones with this collection of products. This range keeps the yellow out of your blonde, extending the life of your colour without needing a toner between salon visits. Not only this, but the ingredients help to nourish coloured hair to prevent split ends and dryness and leave your locks feeling silky and soft.


PUMP Haircare is now available online and in selected salons! But, if you’re not sure which product or range will be right for you, get in touch to hear our recommendations! Shop now *Exclusivity is for a limited time only and is available for brands within UKHairdressers We love to see your results! Share with us your PUMP Haircare journeys @RegisUK and we will re share on our channel!

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