Skinny Tan : Check out the range and our top tanning tips

Skinny Tan : Check out the range and our top tanning tips

If you’ve spent years disappointed by orange tans and the nose-pinching smell of most fake tans, this one is dedicated to you. If you’ve been deterred from using a fake tan in the past because it, well, looks ‘fake’ then rest assured that the Skinny Tan range is designed so that the tan colour is indistinguishable from an actual real tan. Yep, you won’t need to jet off to Lanzarote for an Insta-worthy bronze tan or spend money on a tanning bed once you’re stocked up with Skinny Tan.

You might recall Skinny Tan from when its founders (Kate and Louise) appeared on Dragon’s Den and made the most successful pitch for investment in the history of the BBC2 TV show back in 2013. Starting out as a home-grown tanning product created by real women, for real women, the brand has grown from strength to strength with its passion to make tanning products that can be enjoyed by every shape, size and skin type.

If you’re worried about how difficult applying a tan can be, either because you’ve tried before and stained your bathroom beyond repair or had to go into work the next day with a streaky orange ‘glow’, then you’ll be pleased to know that Skinny Tan is in fact fool-proof. No really, you can be steak-free without so much as a hint of orange that’ll leave your co-workers wondering where you’d jetted off to over the weekend.

It’s pretty common knowledge now that as well as being a safer alternative to real tanning and tanning beds -  a tanning lotion or spray can actually make you look slimmer. If you didn’t know that already, then, *news flash*: tanning helps you look thinner. Clever face and body contouring can also help you to sculpt features (like abs and cheekbones) leaving you looking toned, slender and radiant. The dream, right?

But, you’re probably wondering: “Don’t all tanning products claim to make you look thinner?” Well, there’s another part to consider here. Having just had children, Louise was very conscious of the number of harsh chemicals she felt were used in everyday life, so she wanted the 'Skinny' in Skinny tan to be represented by ingredients that are kind to skin with more naturally derived ingredients. In fact, some Skinny Tan products are made from as much as 99% naturally derived ingredients. Oh and of course, Skinny Tan are proud to be paraben-free, sulfate-free, cruelty-free and suitable for vegans. Tick, tick, tick and tick.

Interested? We thought you might be! Browse our range of Skinny Tan products below and get yourself looking beautifully bronze in time for summer.




Made with 95% naturally derived ingredients this whipped coconut scented tanning mousse applies in seconds; lasts up to 14 days and should never ever streak. But best of all the colour has been designed to be indistinguishable from a real tan. The light, fluffy mousse formula develops into a deeper, natural looking colour.  It’s a bit darker than the traditional Skinny Tan 7 Day tanner so if your skin tone is darker than a ‘porcelain’ shade then opt for Mousse first. You can still layer this product up if the colour isn’t as dark as you want. It’s always better to fake tan gradually and layer up to achieve the colour you want.

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An express version of the Skinny Tan Mousse but still with a heavenly tropical scent. You get to choose the shade of tan you want by leaving the tan on for 1, 2 or 3 hours before showering. The Express Mousse is an easy-to-apply organic coconut mousse that develops to a ready-to-wear colour within just an hour of application. If you’re after a quick tan for a radiant look before head out we reckon you’ll be happy with the results after just an hour, but for a more deeper tan you’ll need to set aside up to 3 hours.  

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The more recent addition to the Skinny Tan collection is the Tan and Tone Oil; it’s hydrating, quick and an easy way to get a streak free tan that looks so natural no-one will ever know you are faking it. No orange, no streaking and with absolutely no skin-drying chemicals Skinny Tan Oil applies smoothly in seconds that results in a silky finish. If you’re looking for an instant bronze glow that continues to develop into a long lasting natural colour, this one’s for you.

And that's not all. Skinny Tan and Tone Oil will also visibly reduce your cellulite too thanks to its smoothing organic oils and clinically proven firming guarana berries enabling you to tan, tone and reduce cellulite more and more with every application.

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The perfect way to prep your skin before you tan, the Skinny Tan Primer helps you to remove any dry or dead skin cells with its crushed walnut shell primer. They key to a perfect tan is starting off with a nice clean canvas.  Skinny Tan Primer can also help reduce the appearance of surface skin blemishes, freckles and ageing. It’s important to note however that you should always prime 24 hours before you tan, and not immediately before.

Simply apply with water in the shower or bath. Massage into any area that you wish to smooth and exfoliate in preparation for tanning. For the perfect application pay particular attention to your knees, elbows, ankles and areas of dry skin.

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No tanning kit is complete without a tanning mitt and this super soft dual-sided tanning mitt is the last word in luxurious tanning. The perfect accomplice to your tanning cream or mousse, this luxury tanning mitt enables a smoother tanning application and protects hands from those embarrassing stains that tend to nestle in between your fingers. Just apply your chosen product and use the mitt in long even strokes to for the perfect, smooth tan.

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The Instant Tanner is the perfect make up for those who want to appear tanned in an instant but also want to wash it away after a night out. This product contains no active tanners so it will not actually give you a lasting tan and should be used like makeup. Suitable for both face and body.

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Tanning Tips

Whatever the weather having a tan can help some of us feel more confident. Now that we’ve listed all of the Skinny Tan products available at selected Regis salons and online, you’re well on your journey to a natural-looking tan without subjecting yourself to harmful UV rays from the sun or tanning beds. But, before we leave you to Skinny Tan it up, we’ve spoken to our Regis beauty specialists for top tips on achieving the perfect tan in the comfort of your own home.


Similar to exfoliating, any form of hair removal needs to be done prior to tanning and where possible try to wait 24 hours before applying your Skinny Tan product to ensure the skin has had a chance to calm. Remember that if you’re waxing, doing so after you’ve applied your tan will take your tan off with each waxing strip – so that’s a definite no-no.  


The better your canvas is to start with – the better your tan will be. Our beauty specialists rate this as a number one priority when it comes to prepping your skin for self-tanning. Try the Skinny Tan primer we mentioned earlier for best results when combined with another Skinny Tan product. Scrubs or primers help to remove dull, dead and older skin cells, creating a smoother surface to apply tanner to and, because the new cells won’t shed so fast, your tan will last for longer.


On the day of your tan application don’t moisturise or wear deodorant or perfume. A common mistake self-tanners make is applying these products prior to tanning which actually block the Skinny Tan from touching the skin evenly and will be the only reason you get a streaky or uneven result. Tan application must be applied to completely clean and dry skin. Once your full Skinny Tan has developed then it’s great to moisturise as much as you can thereafter as it can even help the tan last even longer.


Always apply Skinny Tan using an applicator mitt and pump the product onto your skin. When using the mitt apply in sweeping motions. Start at the ankles and work your way up. Leave out your knees and elbows until the end and simply use the excess tan on the mitt on these drier areas rather than putting fresh tan on the skin. Elbows and Knees tend to have drier skin then the rest of our body, which means it will absorb your Skinny Tan more than the other areas, so only a light touch is needed at the end of your application to avoid noticeably darker and uneven areas which is never a good look.

Final Word

Containing up to 99% naturally derived ingredients, this cruelty-free and vegan friendly fake tan, overcomes all the usual barriers to a flawless finish and reveals your naturally tanned skin colour with no visible streaks, no orange and an amazing coconut & vanilla fragrance - what more could you want? Stock up on the Skinny Tan range and you’ll have the choice of a gradual tan, instant tan and an express tan in your choice of creams, mousses and oils. We’ve mentioned the fact that it’s Paraben & Sulphate free already, but it’s really important to know this if you’re after a product that is passionate about using natural ingredients. Skinny Tan is all about Real Women and promoting the body confidence of all, so why not complete your outfit with the perfect tan.

Happy tanning!

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*Skinny Tan does not provide protection from the sun. Always use a suncream with an SPF suitable for your skin before venturing out into the sun.

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