New love your grey colour treatment

New love your grey colour treatment

You know how we love to keep you updated with the latest hair trends? Well, we’ve seen one emerge over the last year within our salons across the UK, with our regular and new guests making the move from colour to embracing their natural grey! This didn’t come as a surprise, following lockdown where regular root touch – ups were simply out of reach, some reached for the box dye whilst others decided to celebrate their silver hues and go au naturel – they chose to love their grey. Looking at the red carpet, celebs have rocked this trend effortlessly from Helen Mirren to Judy Dench and more recently, Dawn French. We are all here for it! Celebrating your natural self is a trend that will never go out of fashion. But as you may have guessed, embracing your natural grey hair comes with its own set of challenges, reasons why many people are reluctant to make the leap. Naturally grey hair can appear dull, flat and is even prone to being uneven and yellow in colour. It can also become quite coarse and wiry, making it difficult to manage. With products to enhance your natural silver locks being limited, it’s not always been an easy decision for our guests to make. That’s why we’re introducing Love Your Grey!


Love Your Grey is a new colour treatment with a silver-boosting twist! It allows you to celebrate your natural colour like never before and make those natural greys gleam. The colour treatment features new grey-based toners, a dedicated activator and a perfector that will revitalise and enhance your natural grey whilst reducing yellow tones. It’s completely free of perfume and alkalizers, but without getting too technical, this means it’s completely damage free and won't put any stress on your hair, leaving it feeling smooth and soft with a glossy shine result. What’s more than the flawless result – it’s achieved in no time at all! Whether you’re booked in for a cut or a bouncy blow dry, this full head colour treatment is complete in a maximum of 30 minutes. There’s no need for foils on foils – the toner can be applied throughout the hair quickly and effortlessly. Now we know what you’re thinking, not all greys are the same or for those of you that are only partially grey, this shouldn’t stop you from booking this treatment. We promise it will work for you also! The toners that we have in salon are made with a variety of pigments to mimic the spectrum of silvery hues meaning that whatever your grey, the result will be glowy and bright! There are seven shades in total from ‘Pearl Mist’, ‘Graphite Shimmer’ to ‘Steel Glow’, one that will truly perfect for your hair. Don’t worry, you won’t need to pick this yourself – our expert Regis hair stylists will be there to select the perfect match!

The Love Your Grey colour treatment is now available in selected salons for the introductory price for £45 with a blow dry or £60 with a cut & blow dry. We know this trend is here to stay so call your local salon today (or book your appointment online) to secure your next appointment. Be prepared, you will need to pop in for a patch test 48 hours before your treatment. 


We love nothing more than seeing your new hair on our feeds! Share your new Love Your Grey treatments with us @regisuk and we’ll reshare our favourites!

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