Iconic party hair styles to keep you on trend this festive season

Iconic party hair styles to keep you on trend this festive season

We know you don’t need reminding (it seems to come round quicker every year!), but we are here to remind you anyway that Christmas is just around the corner. With just under a month to go until the BIG DAY, there’s plenty to think about: shopping for the perfect gift for the in-laws, getting the decorations down and untangling those lights (why do we never think to put them away correctly?!), endless amounts of wrapping on wrapping... the list is endless! But more importantly, it’s time to start thinking about your Christmas look!  


With Christmas looking a lot different to last year – fingers crossed we don’t jinx anything - we’ve waved goodbye to those virtual gatherings and can actually celebrate the festive season in style. Whether it’s the office Christmas party or a glamorous night out with loved ones, it's time to start planning what hair style you will go for. Luckily, we are here to help!  


Taking inspiration from red carpet A-listers, our creative Director Kieron Fowles has selected some of the most iconic looks that he and our stylists think will be a big hit this festive season.  


Celebrities from Kim Kardashian to Cara Delevingne have been our inspiration, with a party twist! And yeah, we know all too well that these ladies have an entire glam squad behind the scenes, ready with the hair spray to ensure no hair is out of place. But we assure you that you can create these stunning looks easily at home.  


To make one thing on your to-do list easier, we are going to share with you the upcoming hair trends and how to achieve these looks.  










Boho vibes aren’t just for summer. Beautiful bohemian waves are a hit this Christmas season, giving you a natural yet classic look. Achieve this style by using the following steps: 




Step 1: Liberally apply Color Wow Dream Coat into wet hair to hydrate and create a smooth and sleek base.






Step 3: Use a large, round brush and the ICE Professional Hairdryer to speedily blow dry hair.  






Step 4: Divide your hair into sections and barrel wave away from the face to create loose waves using ​a Ghd Curve Soft Curl Tong.​





Step 5: Spray one our favourites, Color Wow Style On Steroids into your hair to create texture. Mist Color Wow Shine Spray over the surface of the hair to create that ultimate, enviable shine.




Step 6: Fix and hold your look to ensure it lasts all night with Color Wow Cult Favourite Hairspray.










The sleek beauty craze taking over the internet! Stand out from the crowd with reflective, liquid hair using these simple steps:




Step 1: Apply Color Wow Dream Coat into wet hair to fully saturate your locks. This will hydrate and create a smooth finish. ​





Step 2: Spritz in Color Wow Speed Dry Spray to help your hair dry quickly.




Step 3: Apply a couple of pumps of Color Wow Coconut Infused Dream Cocktail into your hands.





Step 4: Rub between fingers and evenly distribute through mid-lengths and ends of your hair to add hydration and shine.  





Step 5: Use a paddle brush and an ICE Professional Hairdryer to blow dry hair in sections.





Step 6: Use Color Wow Extra Shine Spray for that ultimate liquid hair with maximum shine. Ready to party!










The showstopper Hollywood fave glam wave with a middle parting - a must at this year's Christmas party. Get this look using the following steps:





Step 1: Prep your hair with Color Wow Color Control Purple Toning and Styling Foam to get rid of those brassy tones.





Step 2: Spritz Color Wow Get In Shape Spray into wet hair to add volume.





Step 3: Blast dry your hair until 90 percent dry using ICE professional hairdryer. Smooth out your hair with a big, round brush to create volume.






Step 4: Roll sections of your hair in on the brush and pin in place.




Step 5: Once your hair is cool, spray Color Wow Style on Steroids for added texture, followed by Color Wow Extra Shine Spray to add gloss and shine.





Step 6: Fix and hold the shape of your waves using Color Wow Cult Favourite Hairspray and you’ll be good to go!












The never-dating bouncy wave is one of our ultimate faves.  Voluminous hair with natural movement will mean you look flawless on that dancefloor! Just follow these simple steps:




Step 1: Saturate just-washed hair with Color Wow Dream Coat to add hydration and create shine.  





Step 2: Rub a few pumps of Color Wow Kale Infused Dream Cocktail in your hands.







Step 3: Rub into towel dried hair to strengthen your hair and reduce breakage. 






Step 4: Use a paddle brush and the ICE Professional Hairdryer to blow dry your hair. 







Step 5: Create a side parting. On the fuller side, wrap the front section of the hair away from the face with a Ghd Creative Curl Wand with complete. Repeat in the opposite direction on the other side.





Step 6: Once your hair is cool, spray Color Wow Style On Steroids to create texture. Fix and hold your waves using Color Wow Cult Favourite Hairspray


Spray Color Wow Extra Shine to add shine and there will be no stopping you! 



So there you have it, everything you need to look like an A-lister this Christmas.  

We love to see your finished looks, so don’t forget to share with us @RegisUK and tag in any of your Christmas hair creations! We’ll re-share our faves! 

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