About Us

Global hairdressing brand with over 60 years’ experience in creating beautiful hair, providing top-quality salon services, education and haircare expertise.

Regis salons are renowned for capturing the best styles from the world of fashion and reproducing them on the British high street. We specialise in the latest cuts, colours, treatments and finishing services and tailor them to suit each of our guests for a truly unique salon experience.

Our stylists are supported by the industry’s best education, with ongoing training in the most current trends and techniques. Among them, are our Wella Master Colour Experts (MCEs), who have graduated from the prestigious Wella Professionals Master Colour Expert Programme, one of the highest colour accolades in the industry, and are now the most highly-qualified experts on hair colour in the UK.

Each of our salon teams are exceptionally knowledgeable in some of the most advanced professional haircare products around — including L’Oreal, Kerastase, Wella, Paul Mitchell, ghd, Moroccanoil and more — our stylists truly are the hair experts.


Our Story

The story of Regis salons begins at the roots of a US business, where the owners had a collective passion for hairdressing and saw the growth of this salon brand expand world-wide, opening its doors in the UK back in 1990.

Today, Regis has grown into an instantly recognisable global hair brand with 100s of salons stretching across North America, Canada, Puerto Rico and the UK with an incredible global network of 1000s of stylists.


The Vision

Casting back to the mid-1960s in the US, Regis salons began opening up in the enclosed malls that were beginning to spring up in the suburbs of middle-sized and small-sized cities around the country. The first ever mall – The Mall Of America – opened in Minneapolis, (a mall which is, incidentally, still the largest of its kind in America today). With the arrival of the car and growth of national freeways, consumer traffic began to shift away from city-based retail centres to the large-scale malls being built all over America.

These new malls were attracting whole families with cinemas and restaurants and were providing a retail experience that covered a range of products and services to suit their lifestyles. It was the perfect place for Regis to house itself.

At the time, hair salons were “better known for ‘small-time mom-and-pop’ operations” and whereas other hair salon chains were generally franchised, Regis owned and operated all its salons, which allowed the company to stand apart from the rest.


Moving to the high streets

At the time of Regis’s inception, there were no unisex salons, so department store hair salons only served women. But not just any women. They initially attracted financially well-off women who could afford to visit the salon around 2 or 3 times a week.

Needless to say, department store salons were a destination for seemingly ‘well-to-do’ women to socialise – and of course get their hair done. But Regis saw these exclusive salons as the wrong environment to grow. Moving the suite of salons into areas of higher footfall, where passers-by could see what was happening inside the salons created a sense of theatre in the salons that attracted onlookers, and importantly helped to switch high-quality salons from being ‘exclusive’ to attainable.

Moving away from the exclusive environs of the department shop top-floor to the open, glass-fronted shops of the mall would expose Regis hairdressing to a wider audience – an audience of men and women who were actively searching for new retail experiences.

Consumer habits and lifestyles were changing rapidly in America (and the UK) throughout the 60s and 70s. And hairstyles were changing too. Women, in particular, had moved from formal sets and up-dos to more wearable styles.

The new glass-fronted Regis salons were the perfect way to showcase the expertise of talented stylists in the increasingly competitive hair and beauty industry.


Regis today

From the first Regis salons opening in UK department stores back in 1990 to the first stand-alone salon in Meadowhall Shopping Centre, Sheffield, the brand has grown from strength to strength. Today we have over 40 salons stretching across the whole of the UK.

As well as a growing nationwide salon chain and leading the way in training and education, Regis firmly associates itself with premium quality and expert hair care that leaves guests looking and feeling their very best. Many Regis salons also now offer beauty services and spa treatments including facials and waxing, to more specialised non-surgical treatments such as botox, lip fillers and laser hair removal.

“Guests continue to come to Regis salons because they know they can always rely on the service they will receive. It’s so lovely to see 3 generations of Regis guests, trusting our expert stylists to produce beautiful hair, year after year.” – Kieron Fowles, Creative Director

Art Team

Led by the artistic vision of Creative Director Kieron Fowles, the Regis Art Team specialise in the latest cut and colouring techniques in the industry. Supporting the company with new collection launches by assisting the Creative Director on photoshoots and prestigious events such as Fashion Week, Trend Vision and the British Hairdressing Awards, the team are incredibly talented. Equipped with outstanding product knowledge, and expertise in the latest cut and colour techniques, our team work across the country to provide ongoing training with salon teams, ensuring uniformity in service excellence for our guests.


Rob Kerry, CEO of Regis UK

Rob joined in January 2022 having been on the Board as a non executive Director since 2019. At Bushell Investment Group Rob led many of the Group acquisitions including Regis and Supercuts.

Rob is passionate about developing teams and culture and works with the leadership teams in the business to ensure the support to salons and teams is of the highest level.

The look and feel of the salons, along with advancements in technology, products and services that are available for guests have moved in line with the industry, but the core values of Regis in that the stylists and guests are central to the business, remains the same.


Jackie Lang, Chair of Regis UK

Jackie has been with the company for over 30 years having joined as a Management Accountant and therafter has taken on various roles such as Franchise Manager, Vice President Operations and then CEO prior to Chair.

Jackie’s leadership and drive over those years have been integral to the success of Regis today. Jackie is passionate about the hair & beauty industry and remains the company’s biggest champion.